The Door Innovation by NFB - The Lifting Roof

Aim/customer request:
find a combination between roof, door, finish of facade, loading deck, building and shunt area

  • Concept: 3 separate mobile roofs/doors Total surface 394 sqm
  • Height: 19.5 m
  • Width: 3 wings à 15.6 m
  • Bearing of the parts/wings: The wings are seesaw balanced in an A-support inside an axe and pivot point. The roof is in relative balanced situation so that the warm gear screw jack drive can push or pull the door to the one or other side of the building to open and close.
  • Finish/Closing: The door closes smoothly with the top roof construction (front) so that it becomes part of the roof. A heavy load grill at the downside which erects when the door is in close position protects the door from unauthorised mounting. The heavy load grill is used when the door is in open position as a draw bridge grill to let the trucks pass to the inside of the building.

NFB is proud of this project and we think that it is absolutely unique.