Reference Case - Company Eisenmann in Holzgerlingen / Germany

The task of a door construction company for this very special job was totally clear and did not leave any room for discussion. For the equipment of the show room of Eisenman company in Holzgerlingen very special high lift doors have been required which should have a high amount of functionality and should as well satisfy the enormous architectural needs of the building.

It should have been high lift doors which were ment to manouvre outside the building supplied with counter weights however installed "invisible" at the inside of the building.

The high lift doors however should move with dimensions of 10.000 x 10.000/6.000 mm above the building roof and should beside controlling the enormous way of motion as well meet all static requirements. There was a wind pressure of 80kg/sqm plus the load resulting from the door mechanics and the specific weight door of 5 tons and the 10 tons counter weights.

Exactly 10 tons counter weights were necescary to install the "block and tackle"-system to transmit the long door way letting the door move outside the building into a short way of the building`s inside or better said to reduce the way of motion.

The side supports -called pylonees- of the high lift doors should underline the extraordinary status of the total building. The architectural office Faecke, Stuttgart well known for top level quality demands, insisted that there should be no horizontal connections between the side supports (tracks). So the side tracks had to be able to withstand all a.m. loads – each for itself -, self supporting.

What sounds like a listing up of contradictions and technical impossibilities became reality as you can see on the photos. At the occasion of formal opening of the show room the top management of the German automobile industry took part.